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Tilapia fish is a freshwater fish species that is widely recognized for its mild flavor and nutritional value. It is a sustainable source of protein that is low in fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids, making it a popular choice for health-conscious consumers.

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Tilapia Fish: A Delicious and Nutritious Choice for Seafood Lovers

Are you a seafood lover looking for a delicious and healthy option to add to your diet? Look no further than Tilapia fish, a versatile and tasty fish that can be enjoyed in various ways. At United Fish, we’re proud to offer high-quality Tilapia Fish to our customers in Dubai.

What is Tilapia Fish?

Tilapia Fish is a freshwater fish that is native to Africa but is now farmed all over the world, including in the UAE. It is a mild-tasting fish that is easy to cook and can be prepared in various ways, from grilling and baking to frying and sautéing. Tilapia is also a great source of protein and nutrients, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a healthy diet.


Tilapia Fish is not only delicious but also highly nutritious. Here’s a look at the nutritional value of 100 grams of Tilapia Fish:


Nutrient Amount
Calories 128
Protein 26.1g
Fat 2.4g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 0.1g
Sodium 45mg
Potassium 377mg


As you can see, Tilapia Fish is a great source of protein and is also low in fat and sodium. It also contains a moderate amount of potassium, which is essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Tilapia Fish in Dubai

At United Fish, we’re proud to offer high-quality Tilapia Fish to our customers in Dubai. Our Tilapia Fish is sourced from trusted farms and is delivered fresh to your door, ready to cook and enjoy. Whether you’re looking to grill up some Tilapia for a backyard barbecue or prepare a delicious dish for your family, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to Cook Sardine Fish

In addition to Tilapia Fish, we offer Ready to Cook Sardine Fish, another delicious and healthy seafood option. Sardines are high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other important nutrients, making them a great addition to any diet.

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1000 GM


No Clean. Keep as it is., 70% Yield After Preparation


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